About notifications in F-Secure SENSE Router for Android

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The F-Secure SENSE Router app sends you notifications on certain app activities. The notifications from the SENSE Router app are ON by default.

Once you receive a notification, an indicator icon appears on your phone's status bar. To see more information about the notification, open the notification panel by dragging the status bar downwards. Expand the notification by dragging downwards on it with two fingers, or by tapping the down arrow.

As for all apps on your Android device, you can customize the notification settings for the SENSE Router app. To access the notification settings for SENSE Router, depending on the device, either tap and hold the SENSE Router notification, or open notification settings for the SENSE Router app from the system settings.

Android 8.0 and later have notification categories that can be adjusted and enabled independently. To view the category-specific notification settings, tap on the desired notification category. The SENSE Router app has currently the following three categories:

  • App security alerts - Displayed only when malware is detected on the device.
  • App security - Ongoing notification giving information on connection to SENSE network.
  • Scanning in progress - Displayed only when scanning is in progress.

Note: When F-Secure makes changes to the notification feature and updates the F-Secure SENSE Router app, users may see the following system message in the App notifications settings page:

1 category deleted
This is a default system message which requires no actions from the user.