How to start using the new Capricorn engine in isolated Policy Manager environments

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Jali Posts: 1,769 F-Secure Employee

To be able to combat the more adaptive and targeted attackers of the future even better, F-Secure has made a significant engine update.

The new Capricorn engine brings the following improvements:

  • Database size decreases by nearly 75%.
  • The new engine is expected to consume less IO/CPU resources.
  • Our new machine learning technologies are expected to reduce false positives by 25% to 50%.

The engine update requires changes to the use of the Policy Manager 13.x Download Tool for updating Client Security 13.x and 14.x clients in isolated environments where the manual definition update process is in place.

To start using the new engine in isolated environments:

  • Upgrade the Download Tool to version 13.12 or later, or
  • Manually edit the configuration in the following way:
    1. Open the channels.json configuration file for editing (<Download Tool folder>\conf\channels.json).
    2. Add capricorn-win32, capricorn-win64, and capricorn-macos to the list of update channels.
    3. Save and close the file.
The new engine is now in use in your isolated environment.