In the PSB portal, why do some email addresses have a plus sign?

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Some email addresses in Accounts > Administrators may have a plus sign in the email address. This results from the new authentication back-end that requires a unique email address.

There are two situations where an email address may include a plus sign:
  • Migration to the new authentication system

    During the migration process, if an email address in the old system conflicted with an email address in the new authentication system, a plus sign was added to a number of email addresses to guarantee their uniqueness.

  • Creation of a new account

    When creating a new account, the user may be notified that the email address is already in use. From the end-user's point of view, the same email address can be reused by decorating it as show in the following example: [email protected] -> [email protected]

With the "+" notification, we want to ensure that
  • emails are received normally as our email gateway will remove the "+abc" part prior to sending the email and hence the user does not need multiple email addresses;
  • the email address is considered unique in our authentication system.

Note: Our email gateway will strip the "+" part from the email address prior to sending the email. Nothing is affected as long as you keep logging in with your username.

  • To ensure that you can log in to the PSB portal, always use your username when logging in or when using the "Forgot my password" option.
  • If you are logging in with your email address, the email address needs to be identical in the new system. In other words, it should include the "+" part if present.
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