On the PSB portal home page, why is there a red banner and what should I do?

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When logging in as an admin to the PSB portal, I see a red notification banner on the PSB home page with a link to view affected accounts. What does this mean?


This banner is notifying you of user account conflicts, which have been identified in the process of unifying our authentication system for F-Secure business-related accounts, such as, Protection Service for Business (PSB) and Rapid Detection and Response (RDR), Partner Portal 2 (PP2), and Rapid Detection and Response Service (RDS).

While setting up the new authentication system, we have migrated existing accounts to the new authentication system; however, during this migration process, certain usernames now conflict with accounts using the same username or email (if the username is in email format) in the new system.

Possible causes of these conflicts are:
  • There are possible multiple accounts in the same PSB instance.
  • A similar name was used in another account.
  • Another service is in use in the new authentication system.
  • An account was deleted in the PSB, but has not been deleted in the F-Secure Business Account.

The number of user accounts affected is relatively small; however, these accounts can no longer be used.


To resolve account conflicts:

  1. Click on the link in the red banner. You are directed to the Conflicts tab under Accounts.
  2. In the list, click on the login name affected and then on the email activation link.

    The admin receives an email to activate a new user with a new user name that the PSB created automatically. Alternatively, you can create a new account for this user.

  3. Once the user has created a new login, delete the old user to clear up the conflict warning.

Note: If an admin does not access the PSB portal using a certain account, the user account can simply be deleted.