What is F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response Service (RDS)

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F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response Service (RDS) is a managed intrusion detection and response service that combines the best technology with the best security experts.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and cyber threats are already an extremely costly problem for companies. Defending against these attacks requires both the latest technological solutions and the expertise to analyze and understand the available data.

Rapid Detection & Response Service has been specifically designed to meet the rapidly changing security landscape, where the commoditization of attack tools and processes now allows cyber criminals to focus on individual companies. By combining technology and experts, we are able to cut the time from detection to response to a minimum and make it easy for customers to adopt our service.

Detection is based on lightweight sensors - available for workstations and servers (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as networks (honeypots and network sensors - passive network monitors) - that send all the collected data to our security cloud. Saving the data from the sensors to our cloud allows us not just to do real-time detection, but also to make detections based on applying new rules to old data.