F-Secure FREEDOME stops working on OnePlus phone with Android 9

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FREEDOME stops working unexpectedly on OnePlus phones running on Android 9 OS.


OnePlus phones with Android 9 include a battery optimizer which may stop FREEDOME unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus version of Android stops background apps very aggressively. Also, OnePlus has bugs that prevent the settings related to the background apps from working properly.


It is not possible to exclude FREEDOME from the battery optimizer automatically. However, you can set this yourself as follows:
  1. On the phone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery optimization.
  2. Find FREEDOME on the Battery optimization page and change its setting to "not optimized".
  3. Under Battery optimization, tap the three dots button, select Advanced/Enhanced optimization, and disable the feature.
OnePlus phones seem to reset this setting randomly, so you may need to change the setting again after some time. You can usually somewhat limit this behavior by locking FREEDOME to the Recent App list but unfortunately this is not a permanent solution either:
  1. Start FREEDOME.
  2. Tap the Recent apps button on the phone.
  3. Close the Lock button in the top-right corner of the app.

Some OnePlus phones have also a feature called "App auto-launch". If your phone has this feature, disable it for FREEDOME.