How can I manually assign licenses to selected users in F-Secure Cloud Protection?

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Jali Posts: 1,769 F-Secure Employee

You can manually assign F-Secure Cloud Protection licenses to selected users in the following way:

  1. Go to F-Secure Cloud Protection > Administration > License page and, under License Usage, click the Select licensed users... link. The Assign Licenses dialog opens:


  2. Search for users by Name, Profile, Role, Email, Company, Division or Licensed. The search box supports partial and full match:
    • 'Profile=System' will find any user whose profile contains System, such as System Administrator.
    • 'Profile="System"' will find only users with the profile System (apparently there won't be any as this is not a typical name for a profile).
    • Also it's possible to use the percent sign to cover inner parts which may be any, i.e. 'Profile=S%A' will find users with profiles like System Administrator but also Standard User and so on.
  3. To assign the license to the user, click the Assign button. To assign the license to all users retrieved by the search, click the Assign All button.

    Note: If you want to remove the license from an individual user or all users, click Remove or Remove All respectively.

Note: While assigning licenses manually, you can create an automatic license assignment rule from the Assign Licenses dialog. You can test your search based on existing users and save it by clicking Add Automatic Rule so that new users meeting the search criteria will get F-Secure license automatically.