How can I assign licenses with automatic rules?

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Jali Posts: 1,769 F-Secure Employee

Although it may be easier to validate the automatic assign rule conditions in the Assign Licenses window, you can also use the Automatic License Assignments window to assign licenses.

  1. Go to F-Secure Cloud Protection > Administration > License page and, under License Usage, click the Manage automatic license assignments... link. The Automatic license assignments dialog opens, showing the existing automatic license assignment rules, if any. In the dialog, you can also delete existing rules and add new ones.
  2. To add a new automatic license assignment rule, define the search criteria (for the syntax of the rule, see article How can I manually assign licenses to selected users in F-Secure Cloud Protection?) and click the Add button:


    The rule will be added to the table below, and you can add more rules:


    Note: The rules you add are read using "OR" between the lines. In other words, in the above example, the rules mean that licenses are assigned automatically to new users where Department contains "Sales" or Profile contains "System". To define an "AND" condition, write the search criteria on the same line, for example "Profile=System, Department=Sales".

  3. If you make a mistake in any of the license assignment rules, you can just select the rule and delete it by clicking the trash bin icon.