How do I install F-Secure KEY (TOTAL) on my Mac?

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With F-Secure TOTAL, the number of KEY licenses is determined by your TOTAL subscription. For example, if you have a 5-device subscription, five different users can use KEY on their devices. These five users can then sync their passwords with an unlimited number of devices.

Before you start to install F-Secure KEY on your Mac, you need to have your My F-Secure account ready.

Note: If you already have KEY installed and have upgraded to a TOTAL subscription, activate your TOTAL subscription in the KEY app as described in article I already have KEY installed. How do I take KEY into use after upgrading to TOTAL?

  1. Log in to your My F-Secure account.
  2. In My F-Secure, select TOTAL apps in the top bar.
  3. On the My F-Secure dashboard, select KEY.
  4. Select Install KEY now (or Install on another device).
  5. Select My device, and click Continue.
  6. Select This computer, and select Download for Mac.
  7. Find the installation file from the Downloads folder, double-click it, and drag the F-Secure KEY icon to your Applications folder to start the installation.
  8. Once the installation is completed, click on the KEY app to open it, and select then Start using KEY. The Activate window opens.
  9. When the Name new device window opens, type in the name of your device and select Continue.
  10. If this is your first KEY installation, select Create Master Password:
    1. Type in a strong Master Password.
    2. Repeat the Master Password to confirm it.
    3. Select Accept and continue. You have now installed KEY on your Mac, and you can start entering your passwords and other credentials into KEY.
  11. To have your passwords available also on your other devices, you need to connect your devices. To do this, do the following on each device:
    1. On the device, install KEY from our website or a relevant app store.
    2. Open KEY on the device that already has KEY installed and go to Connect devices. The Connect devices page opens, showing the sync code (valid for one minute).
    3. On the new device, go to Connect devices and enter this code in the Enter sync code field and select Connect.
    4. Type in your current Master Password and select OK. From now on, your passwords will be synchronized automatically between these two devices.