New features in F-Secure Radar: Boost your vulnerability workflow and increase your visibility int

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Released in September, 2018

F-Secure Radar is constantly evolving to help you minimize cyber security threats by giving full visibility into your cyber security attack surface. During the last 6 months we have added several new features. We believe they will help you in your daily work with Radar.

Improved workflows

F-Secure Radar vulnerability management workflows are now more intuitive and faster to operate, e.g. faster switching of Internet Discovery search queries, more intuitive way of starting and stopping vulnerability scans directly from the report page, and several other improvements.

Vulnerability lifecycle status

In order to help prioritize vulnerability management and patching, F-Secure Radar now adds a lifecycle status to detected vulnerabilities. Those with existing exploits are the ones that most likely need to be patched first.

Smooth provisioning

F-Secure Radar is now easier and more flexible to deploy. Trialing users who purchase the full version of F-Secure Radar can instantly start with their already set up configuration, instead of having to do it again from scratch.


For customers using F-Secure Radar Cloud, there is no action needed on your part, as these enhancements have already been added to the product.

For customers using F-Secure Radar Private, you will be informed later about the update availability.

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