F-Secure FREEDOME no longer available in Samsung and Amazon stores

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F-Secure FREEDOME for Android is currently available for download only through Google Play Store. It is no longer available through Samsung or Amazon online stores.

Your subscription will be valid until the end of your current subscription. Note, however, that the upgraded versions will be available only through Google Play Store.

Multi-platform subscriptions made through F-Secure webstore or from an F-Secure reseller are not affected.

Purchases from Samsung store

If you have purchased FREEDOME from Samsung store, on your device go to Google Play Store and reinstall FREEDOME on top of the existing installation to keep the subscription and upgrades working.

Important: Do not remove the earlier installation you made from Samsung store as it will discontinue the subscription.

If your current subscription was paid through Samsung Billing, it will be valid in the updated version only if you don't uninstall the current version.

If you have already uninstalled FREEDOME with a valid subscription, purchased from Samsung store, contact our customer support.

Purchases from Amazon store

FREEDOME's Fire OS support was discontinued already earlier. The current Fire OS versions and devices are not supported by FREEDOME. If you have FREEDOME on your current Fire OS device, you may continue using until the end of your current subscription.

If you have the Google Play Store app on your device, you can use it to install F-Secure FREEDOME on your device.

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