The Banking protection banner does not appear when visiting a banking site

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When visiting a banking site, the Banking protection banner does not appear.


There are a few possibilities why Banking protection may not activate when visiting a banking site. For example:
  • Right after starting your PC, and to help your PC start faster, our product waits a moment before it loads the user interface (UI). If you start your banking session immediately after starting your PC, the UI may not appear right away.
  • There is a 60 second 'cool down' period after ending the previous banking session. If you start a new session during this time, banking protection is not activated.
  • The product may have been upgraded in the background.
  • Your online bank may not be listed in our database.


To help troubleshoot, do the following:
  • Ensure that you are using a supported browser: Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox (2 latest major versions), Google Chrome (2 latest major versions).
    Note: Microsoft Edge is not supported due to lack of browser plugin for Edge.
  • Check that Banking protection is enabled in the settings:
    1. Open the F-Secure security product.
    2. Select Settings > Secure Browsing.
    3. Under Banking protection, click on the slider to turn on Banking protection. Note: You need administrative rights to change the settings.
  • If the product has been upgraded, restart the browser and try accessing your online bank again.
  • Turn off and on the product security features:
    1. Open the F-Secure security product.
    2. Select Tools > Turn off all security features.
    3. Select Turn off. Note: You need administrative rights to change the settings.
    4. On the product main page, select Turn on to re-enable all security features.
  • Check that the browsing protection extension is enabled in the browser you are using:
  • Try entering another online bank and if it works, then your online bank is most likely not included in our database. If this is the case, submit your online bank to our Labs for analysis as follows:
    1. Go to Submit a Sample.
    2. Under the URL Sample tab, paste in your online bank's web address (URL) into the Sample URL or IP address text box.
    3. Check the I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results box and fill in the contact form.
    4. Under URL type, select Banking Protection related issue or problem.
    5. Under Problem type, select Banking session does not activate when entering site.
    6. Give your sample a subject and description, prove that you are not a robot, and click Submit URL sample.

If the issue persists, re-installation of the F-Secure product may be required.