How do I get a refund for my F-Secure product purchase?

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If you've purchased an F-Secure product from F-Secure official eCommerce partners (Cleverbridge and Digital River only), you are eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee, starting from the day your order was received.

F-Secure products purchased through third party (e.g. resellers, retailers, vendors, services, etc.) such as Apple AppStore or Google Play Store, are not eligible for this 30-day money back guarantee from F-Secure. You may contact the third party and check if they have their own refund policy.

To initiate a refund with F-Secure, contact F-Secure support.We encourage you to prepare the following:
  • The order number that you received from F-Secure (Cleverbridge or Digital River)
  • Email address you used to make the purchase
  • Device serial number (only for F-Secure SENSE)