About notifications in SAFE for Android

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The F-Secure SAFE app sends you notifications on certain app activities. For best protection, we recommend to keep the default settings on.

The notifications from the SAFE app are ON by default. Once you receive a notification, an indicator icon appears on your phone's status bar. To see more information about the notifications, open the notification panel by dragging the status bar downwards.

As for all apps on your Android device, you can customize the notification settings for the SAFE app. To access the notification settings for SAFE, open the F-Secure SAFE app, tap the menu in the top-left corner of the screen and select Settings > App notifications (a link under Notifications).

To view notification category-specific settings, tap on the desired notification category.

App icon badges

If you have allowed app icon badges in the system notification settings, a badge appears on the SAFE app icon as soon as there is a notification from SAFE. You can even select the notification categories which you want to receive notifications from.

The badges can be shown with or without numbers. The badge disappears as soon as you dismiss the notification. To display icon badges on app icons when apps receive notifications:

  1. Tap Settings > Notifications to open the system notification settings.
  2. Tap the App icon badges switch to activate it.
  3. For more App icon badge settings, tap on App icon badges.

Note: When F-Secure makes changes to the notification feature and updates the F-Secure SAFE app, users may see the following system message in the App notifications settings page:

11 categories deleted
This is a default system message which requires no actions from the user.