What other functionality other than detecting threats is available in RDR?

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Katriina_MKatriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

Aside from detecting threats based on system and network behaviors as well as events, F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response (RDR) provides system administrators the visibility of all applications that are launched (not limited to installed applications) in the managed IT environment with the Application Inventory feature.

The feature utilizes F-Secure's reputational data that allows you to immediately list all harmful or otherwise unwanted applications and cloud services, and foreign destinations of those applications with questionable reputation. You can easily restrict potentially harmful applications and cloud services even before data breaches happen.

Application Inventory lists the following information about assets/hosts and applications:
  • Assets/Hosts: Importance, host names, IP address, Company name, number of detection per host, OS distribution, RDR client version used
  • Application: Most used, harmful, potentially unwanted, unknown
  • Application Reputation: Safe/Harmful/Potentially unwanted/Privacy risk
  • Application version
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