What kind of response capabilities are available in F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response?

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F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response (RDR) monitors endpoints (assets) and network events which are analyzed in real-time using real-time behavioral, reputational and big data analysis. The focus is to provide useful endpoint visibility coupled with the right insights to help businesses to respond to threats promptly with built-in automation and guidance based on the latest threat intelligence.

In the event of a detection, F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response is able to respond in the following ways:

Capabilities Details
Automatic/manual email alerts and notifications Email alerts are sent to admins or users of affected companies from the portal. The email is pre-filled with basic information regarding a detection such as attack category, risk level, confidence level, impact criticality and number of affected hosts.
Recommended actions Remediation recommendations and suggestions.
Elevate to F-Secure Elevate and get help from the F-Secure team to deal with the most advanced cyber attacks with confidence.
Host isolation Automatically or manually isolate the affected host from network.
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