Key features of F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response

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F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response prepares you against data breaches and gives you the ability to analyze and respond to data breaches when they happen.

Keeps your business safe by detecting all breaches fast

  • By detecting and stopping breaches fast, the solution helps you to protect your business from interruptions and impact on brand reputation
  • Backed by F-Secure cyber security experts, the solution offers a fast response time with automation and support
  • F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response integrates seamlessly with F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB)

Improves visibility into the security status of your IT environment

  • Detects the misuse of services and applications from their proper used based on behavioral events
  • Provides additional insights into potential breaches with context that goes beyond individual malware detections
  • Application inventory improves the visibility into your IT environment's security status
  • Allows you to respond faster to identified threats with the help of alerts with broad context and asset criticality

We have you covered against breaches

  • The built-in automation and intelligence help you focus on real threats
  • Alerts help you respond to breaches by giving you an option for automated actions around the clock
  • Get help from our partners when responding to breaches
  • Ask F-Secure incident responders and forensics experts to handle the most complicated cases
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