How to register F-Secure Policy Manager which is in an isolated or offline environment

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To register your F-Secure Policy Manager in an isolated or offline environment, you need to get an offline registration file (or token) from F-Secure support:

  1. Contact F-Secure support by opening a support request.
  2. Enter the following information in the support request:
    • Account name
    • Customer ID
    • Installation ID
    • Business Suite license Expiry date
    To find Customer ID and Installation ID:
    • Open F-Secure Policy Manager Console, and go to Help > Registration.... The Registration dialog opens, showing the requested information; OR
    • Find the information from the Policy Manager Server installation folder (Windows: ...\F-Secure\Management Server 5\Data or Linux: /var/opt/f-secure/fspms/data), and open the upstream-statistics.json file by using an editor, such as Notepad++. The Customer ID can be found on line 5 and the Installation ID on line 6.
  3. Once support has provided you with an offline registration file, use the following steps to activate it on your Policy Manager Server:
    • Windows
      1. Copy the offline registration file to the following folder: F-Secure\Management Server 5\Data.
      2. Restart the F-Secure Policy Manager Server services by entering the following command in an elevated command prompt (CMD):
        • net stop fsms
        • net start fsms
    • Linux
      1. Copy the offline registration file to the following folder: /var/opt/f-secure/fspms/data.
      2. Restart the fspms daemon:
        • # /etc/init.d/fspms restart

F-Secure Policy Manager will be activated until the expiry of your current subscription.

Note: When you renew the subscription, you need to request a new registration token from F-Secure support. Make sure to request the token well in advance so that you don't end up with an expired Policy Manager Server.