What's new in F-Secure Radar: Enhancements in performance boost, provisioning, and usability.

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During the first part of 2018, we have added several exciting enhancements to F-Secure Radar, which we highlight in this article.

Our new scanning engine offers improved scanning speed for faster results

  • System Scan, which scans any system with an IP for common vulnerabilities, now experiences augmented scanning speed with the new scanning engine.
  • Discovery Scan, used to map the customers’ attack surface with network and port scanning, is now even up to 30% faster.
  • Web application scanning speed has also increased due to scanning logic optimization.

The new auto-deployment feature ensures faster provisioning of updates, features, and fixes

  • Customers using the cloud version now automatically receive more frequent updates, features, and fixes in the Radar Security Center with the new auto-deployment feature.

Radar Security Center Dashboard enhancements streamline usability

In the Radar Security Center Dashboard, it is now possible:
  • To automatically close and re-open tickets depending on their vulnerability status.
  • To see information in the Notifications area about the most important system events; such as, connectivity to scan nodes.
  • To check which vulnerabilities and CVE numbers are being detected by Radar.
  • To add new hosts to the vulnerability scanning group by using PowerShell script and the Radar API.


For customers using F-Secure Radar Cloud, there is no action needed on your part, as these enhancements have already been added to the product.

For customers using F-Secure Radar Private, you will be informed later about the update availability.

In case you have not yet tried F-Secure Radar, please contact us for a free trial.

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