F-Secure SENSE Router Guest WiFi

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Many people prefer not to give out their home WiFi password to their friends or children's friends when they are visiting. One reason could be that there may be some devices that are connected to the home network that you don't want your guests to access. The Guest Wifi feature provides a way for you to give Internet access to your guests while keeping them separate from your home network.

Unlike the guest WiFi in generic routers, the F-Secure SENSE Router Guest WiFi feature extends the gateway protection features to your guests too.

The SENSE Router's browsing protection and the anti-tracking features protect guests' WiFi-connected devices.

The SENSE Router Guest WiFi feature allows users to create a guest network with a separate SSID (network name) and password. As the admin, you can enable and disable the guest WiFi network or delete the guest network altogether via the SENSE Router app.

Devices in the guest WiFi network are listed separately in the SENSE Router app's device list and is easily distinguishable from the rest of the devices.

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