How to install the F-Secure SENSE Router app on your PC or Mac

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Note: This article is valid for you only if you are using the standalone version of F-Secure SENSE Router (not part of the F-Secure TOTAL package). If you have bought F-Secure SENSE Router with the F-Secure TOTAL package and want to install endpoint protection on your desktop devices, see article How do I take F-Secure TOTAL into use?

The F-Secure SENSE Router landing page has links to the protection software for your PC and Mac computers. The F-Secure SENSE Router apps for Windows and Mac protect your devices even when not connected to your SENSE network.

Note: If you are already using an F-Secure security product, such as SAFE, TOTAL, or Internet Security, on your PC or Mac, you don't need to install the SENSE Router app on your device.

In this article, before you start to install the SENSE Router app on your PC or Mac, we assume that you have installed the SENSE Router app on your Android or iOS device and finished the setup and configuration of SENSE Router. Then, to install the SENSE Router app on your PC or Mac, do the following:

  1. Connect your PC or Mac to the SENSE network.
  2. Open up your browser on your PC or Mac, and in the address bar, type in and press Enter.
  3. Scroll down the page and select either Download for Windows or Download for Mac.
  4. In your Downloads folder (for easy access, press Ctrl+J), click on the downloaded file to install the app.