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AMTSO's anti-phishing test page with FREEDOME


AMTSO's anti-phishing test page loads successfully with FREEDOME's Browsing Protection enabled when it should be blocked.


FREEDOME scans HTTP traffic for malicious content, phishing sites and trackers at VPN Gateway. As HTTPS (SSL) traffic is encrypted, FREEDOME is unable to scan the contents of the traffic. To respect and ensure the privacy of our users, FREEDOME does not block any tracking from HTTPS traffic as that would require a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack against the HTTPS.

AMTSO's anti-phishing test page has recently started to use HTTPS.


We are working to set up an additional anti-phishing test page using HTTP.

The AMTSO's anti-phishing test page has been marked as harmful (phishing) and should be successfully blocked via reputation checking when using F-Secure SAFE's browser extension.

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