How to install F-Secure SAFE on your PC? (Virgin Media customers)


I'm a Virgin Media customer. How can I install F-Secure SAFE on my PC?


Note: This article is only for Virgin Media customers.


To install F-Secure Internet Security for SAFE on your computer, we recommend to first uninstall any other Anti-Virus products. Please uninstall them following the vendor's instructions.


Check out our introduction video, which shows the installation process (starts at 1:03.) Then follow the steps below.



Windows Updates


We recommend to update Windows before installing F-Secure Internet Security:


1. Go to:

  • Start button > Control panel > System and Security > Windows Update or
  • Start button > Control panel > Windows Update

(For instructions on how to access Control Panel on Windows 8, click here).

2. Install all important updates.

3. Restart your computer when prompted.


Removing Virgin Media Security


1. Download Virgin Media Uninstaller Tool:

2. Close open applications and save your work (e.g. Office documents).

3. Double-click the downloaded file (UserCommunity-Uu-RpsUU.exe) and follow the instructions.

4. Wait for the uninstallation to finish. Do not switch off your computer as it will be restarted automatically once it has been completed.


Installing F-Secure Internet Security


1. Go to F-Secure MySafe Portal:

                - If you have not created an account yet, register to the portal first.

                - Virgin Media customers: register only by following the link from your Virgin Media portal.


2. Enter your email address and password.

                - Click forgotten password if you do not remember your MySafe password.


3. Click the install button at F-Secure Internet Security.

                - You will be prompted to install either to "This device" or "Another device"

                - Select "This device" if you want to install F-Secure Internet Security on the computer you have used to access the MySafe portal.

                - Select "Another device" if you want to install F-Secure Internet Security on a computer you have not used to access the MySafe portal.


4. Enter a name for your device, e.g. John's Laptop and click "add". This allows you to easily identify the computer on your MySafe portal later.


5. Confirm the download.


6. Follow the download instructions and start the installation.


7. Follow the installation instructions (Language selection, End User License terms, etc.)


8. The installation prompts for a restart, if needed.



More information on how to use the security products:

User's Guides:

Note: Ignore the general subscription-related information as your subscription is done through the MySafe portal.


How to install F-Secure SAFE on your PC? (Virgin Media customers)