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Re: How do I temporarily disable F-Secure Client Security?

f-secure also prevents the Skycaddie sync softwares from connecting, and that is a huge problem for thousands.  The firewall needs to allow connectivity to,, and  As well as the sync programs they use to load software back and forth to the Skycaddie.


This is a notorious program, especially the package you have with Charter Cable.


I understand the need to have certain ports closed, but you should be able to give the clients the ability to perform mundane tasks and not over complicate thier networks.


It has been almost impossible to deal with your software from a techsupport role.

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Re: How do I temporarily disable F-Secure Client Security?

What can we say, every software has its down fall. You can use a single AV on all software 100%. But F-Secure is already running on Bit Defender scan engine. I don't know if there are any differences.

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Re: How do I temporarily disable F-Secure Client Security?

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For quickness, I use a command prompt and execute:


Net Stop FSMA and then Net Start FSMA to return to normal. 


You can also do this via Services in Control Panel or by;


unchecking the "Turn on Real-time scanning" option under Computer, Virus and Spyware Options, accessed from the Settings Box from the main screen.


If you're on an internal LAN, secured by a decent UTM firewall, then you could consider running your clients without F-Secure's firewall by not installing that module otherwise to be fair to the product, unless you install the Policy Manager and configure all your clients firewall settings centrally, this is going to be an exercise in futility.


Personally, (and I've tried quite a few AV products in my time - actually all of the big vendors and several smaller ones), F-Secure has one of the lightest overheads and highest detection rates and we have multi-level firewall and AV products in my organisation but thanks to F-Secure, its managed to catch quite a few rouges, including ones that Websense's so called ironclad & flagship solution, the V10000 allowed to slip through! :smileyfrustrated:


Websense are banging a drum about their product currently but they're not so responsive when I show them what F-Secure finds, which is sitting right behind their product! 


Good luck and hope that helps.

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Re: How do I temporarily disable F-Secure Client Security?



I would like to disable Client Security on several hosts in my test domain, all at once from the Policy manager. How do I do this, is it enough to uncheck the choices below?


Enable Automatic updates

Real-time scanning enabled

Enable FW engine


E-mail and Web scanning are not in use.


Anything else I should be aware of, that also must be disabled?


When I tried to stop and disable all F-secure services on my PC, seems there still are 4 "drivers" resident in memory, see pic.  What are these and wouldn´t they continue to protect the PC even though I have disabled all Windows services?


Do I need to reboot every machine after disabling to make it work?





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