How can I disconnect my device from the cloud?

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How can I disconnect my device from the cloud?


You can disconnect all of your devices to prevent any misuse or unauthorized access to your account. This is useful, for example, if you lose one of the devices that is connected to your account.


Note: You can disconnect or remove your devices only through the Windows, Mac and web applications.

To disconnect all of your devices


  1. Select user-profile.png> Disconnect all devices.
  2. You are logged out. To reconnect your device to your Content Anywhere account, log in to the client application on that device.


To remove a device


Warning! You cannot undo this action. The selected device and all the files in the cloud that were backed up from that device are removed.


  1. Select the device that you want to remove.  
  2. Select more.pngMore > Remove device
  3. In the confirmation window, check the box and select OK to permanently remove the device.
  4. If you removed the device with which you were logged in, you must restart the application and login and set it up. Otherwise restarting the application is not required.

    If you find your removed device later on, you can add it as a new device and set up the automatic backup again.

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